The America’s Road Ahead Fund is one of the leading grassroots organizations in America, fighting to elect conservative leaders to enact change. We are dedicated to confronting the failed political, electing candidates in swing states who believe that free market principles and conservative values are critical to America’s road ahead.

President Obama and the liberal Democratic leadership have taken us down a road that has dead-ended. To continue in this direction of bigger governments would be to travel a path filled with massive deficits, socialized medicine, and a failed foreign policy. As we move ahead, it is imperative that we elect a Republican president and conservative leaders to Congress who will restore America’s entrepreneurial spirit and preserve our status as a leader around the world.

To help lay this foundation of success, America’s Road Ahead Fund is dedicated to building and motivating a grass-roots movement across the country that can directly take on the organized liberal establishment. We will take the fight door-to-door in critical states to out-work or out-organize our opponents.

America’s Road Ahead Fund is an independent political action committee that has been formed to promote conservative, free-market principles and to serve as a counter to the liberal establishment. We hope that you will join us the battle to promote liberty and freedom across the country.

Together, we can navigate a new road ahead.